Leg Warmer Size Guide


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BABE, it's cold outside!

Don't be caught with your leg warmers down during the chilly winter months!

Enjoy your lightweight, stretchy, perfectly-toasty-but-still-breathable-af long leg warmers.

Fleece is fabulous because it is:

- Hydrophobic, holding less than 1% of its weight in water - Fleece fabric is breathable, hypoallergenic, odor resistant, and not affected by salt water - Dries very quickly - Retains shape very well - Very lightweight fabric, thin, ultra soft - Breathes


Sew, you want to know about selecting the best size for your amazing long leg warmers.

Handmade Leg Warmer Sizing

First of all, you are probably use to chinese factory sizing.


"Number" sizing is factory made and varies per manufactured company.

A "Size 4" obviously is wildly different per each non-handmade/not-made-in-the-usa company.

When you support a manufactured company, you are supporting many broken systems, such as skewing the feminine size chart, forever altering how females feel about their bodies.

I keep it real. I keep it simple.

What's real simple?


...fellas know what's up, they have been enjoying it most their lives.

Selecting Your Leg Warmer Size

You will want a snug fit around your thigh.

(or wear-ever you desire the top of your leg warmer to be)

For examples:

19” thigh measurement fits a size Large, which is 15” advertised (not stretched).

15" thigh measurement fits a size XSmall, which is 12" advertised (not stretched)

Fabric Stretch Differences for Leg Warmer

Rib Knit fabrics are extremely lightweight and creamy, silky soft.

Fantastic for layering with other leg warmers, creating texture and YOUnique style.

Delightful all year round - best layered over a legging to stay in place on your thigh.

If naked leg, you will want an extremely tight fit.

Rib Knit fabric stretches 4+ inches.

Fleece fabrics are also very lightweight, both surprising and awesome.

Fleece leg warmers are a worldwide favorite, offering style, warmth, function, and personality.

Long enough to cover your legs from the cold, and stylish enough to bunch with boots day to night, fleece leg warmers fit like a dream and keep you perfectly warm.without roasting.

Fleece fabric stretch slightly varies per color.

Fleece fabric stretch is 1-2+ inches for:



Tribal Aztec

Fleece fabric stretch is 2-4+ inches for all other colors and aztec prints.

Leg Warmer Size Chart

XS Foot: 8" Thigh: 12" Length: ~30" SM Foot: 9" Thigh: 13" Length: ~30" Med Foot: 10" Thigh: 14" Length: ~30" Large Foot: 11" Thigh: 15" Length: ~30" XL Foot 12" Thigh 16" Length ~30" XXL Foot 13" Thigh 17" Length ~30"


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