New Nepalese Cotton


mmmmmmmm IT'S HERE

New Nepalese Cotton fabric options for seasonal happiness!

Enjoy authentic woven Nepalese Cotton all year round, and with shifting color options.

Cooler blues and more vibrant, bright tones in the warmer months. Deeper colors and earthy tones take over for the colder months. and gHwc is in the Midwest.

Staying YOUnique all year round is mega important, especially when bundled up.

Cowl Shrugs and the slightly smaller Cowl Hood are my favorite, undoubtedly.

A VERY close runner-up is the leg warmer.

Nepalese cotton is woven. Which makes it magical.

Woven fabric, especially light-mid weight, is just perfect for spring to fall to winter. Okay, a few summer days just aren't meant for, well, anything. #pantydrop

Woven nepalese fabric lets you breathe. Wind can pass through, while maintaining your body temp. Cotton, man. That real stuff is great.

Discount codes drop just about once a month on Instagram. You know, sew you can snag your favy nepalese print before it's gone. And yeah, sometimes they are gone forever.

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