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Maxi Skirt Upgrade

Here's a NEW FEATURE for our MAXI SKIRT!! Just by adding a 100% cotton string, Breezi managed to turn your 2-way Maxi Skirt into a 3-way Maxi Skirt!! Talk about being sustainable?!! Now you don't need to buy so many clothes, just buy 1 with 3 WAY!! Why not?! ;D

Wear your Maxi Skirt as a Halter dress or a normal Skirt!

OR wear it as a tube dress by leaving the strings hanging by the sides! ;D Isn't this an amazing addition??

The upper-fold-over is double-sided, offering full tummy and/or breast coverage when unfolded. The folded waist also allows you to control the length, fit and style! You can turn it to a shorter skirt or dress by folding over, or enhancing the length by unfolding it!

The new string feaure allows you to have a more versatile fit with adjustable length to boot.

When wearing it as a tube dress or maxi skirt, turn it to manipulate the slit area! The slit will provide you with an airy feel especially since the fabrics are soft and light!

Our open back design with a slit helps provide a sexy fit! In addition, the cut that is straight lined is done to accentuate your feminine curves! It is tasteful, functional and exceptional for comfort, style and movement, wear it any way you like, from beach to evening occasions!

Enjoy multiple outfits just in one Maxi Skirt I KNOW, Breezi just never fails to amaze us and upgrade our closet with all her sustainable, convertible, YOUnique creations!

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