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Year-Round Beanies!

Get your Beanie in Ribbed Knit for the SUMMER or Fleece for the WINTER!

Of course, you have to get it paired with your favorite Nepalese fabric!

Whether it is for Summer or Winter, our killer fabric combos definitely adds on to your closet! Wear it floppy, tight to head or off-to-the-side! Our Nepalese and Rib Knit fabric are comfortable indoors and outside! It is soft and lightweight!​​​​

Our fleece option definitely provides more warmth. Even so, both the fleece and nepalese are lightweighted as well, hence, they are all great for indoor and outdoor activities.

Our beanie snugs around your forehead and ears, providing a tight hug to your head to keep you comfy and warm during cold winter days!

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