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High Waist Panty

New product INSTORE and ONLINE!

Meet our High Waist Panty! Comes in our Ribbed Knit & Spandex Fabric!

Our fabric are light weighted, comfy and soft which definitely provides a "barely-there" fit with a sexy modest full coverage! The elastic band on the top is maid to fit your waist perfectly. In addition to our trendy ribbed knit cotton design that provides a retro urban goddess vibe.

You can wear your everyday high waisted panty as a base layer, period panty, lounging bottom, dance spank, etc

Now you can walk around with your panties without feeling "too exposed" especially when you pair it with our comfy legwarmers. But it in a SET now!! Trust me, it will be one of your best SUMMER SET addition!

Shop INSTORE at 507 State Street NOW!

While our 15% discount lasts!

**whispers: probably ending by the end of this month! shh...**

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