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Wear gHwc Dress 6 WAYS

Bet you've seen how the bliss dress could convert into a tube dress!

But as you know, Breezi loves improving and exploring her current line and recently she has found 4 more ways to wear the Bliss Dress!! Brace yourself for the 6-WAY gHwc DRESS!!

Convert Dress to Tops:

1. Cowl Drape Neck Shirt

2. Crop Top with off-the-shoulder shawl

3. Cowl Hood Crop Top

4. Cowl Drape Neck Crop Top

Convert Dress to Dress:

5. Cowl Drape Neck Dress

6. Tube Dress

Convert Dress to Skirt

7. High Waist

8. Low Waist

**Adjustable length, long skirt or short skirt, you name it!**

WAITTT, I think that is more than 6 ways isn't it?!! gHwc's versatile design caters to multiple conversions, from top to bottom, then to dress! All the designs are highly breathable and airy thanks to the open back design and of course our Ribbed Knit fabrics that supports womans' curves well! It drapes close to your body with the gorgeous waterfall cowl chest line that compliments with the lower angled skirt hemline. It's functional. It's Sexy. It's so comfy, and perfect!

Drop by gHwc's store on 507 State Street to try it out or check out our websites! Follow us on Instagram to keep yourself updated to all the new ways you can wear your clothes from gHwc! ;D

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