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Summer Sets

Those days when you don't feel like wearing anything is finally here - THE SUMMER! Hot and stuffy, the lesser clothes the better, right?

You need to breathe and feel airy in whatever you wear. Especially at home when you're working on some chores or when you are at your daily yoga routines. You need comfy clothes that provides flexibility and air. What other shop to look into than gHwc?! Our new ribbed knit fabric definitely feels like air cuhs it provides a barely there feeling!

Stay comfy in your undies all day everyday! Our Urban Bra, Undies and Leg Warmers provides you with a perfect summer set!

Also, if you think you are under-dressed, you can pair your undies with our legwarmers! It helps you cover a little bit more of your skin without making you feel stuffy thanks to our Ribbed Knit fabrics that are so breathable!!

Whats the best part about our undergarment designs? It looks more like a bikini design than your normal underwear! Just look at this picture at the bottom, do you think it is your typical underwear or do you think you can walk around on the beach with this comfy set of undies?

Our urban bras looks so casual that you can wear them as a bralettes instead of having it be a formal "bra," you can simply layer it with some button down clothes and leave the house looking like this:

Yup, I know, its sexy! Our urban fabric definitely adds an additional touch to it. So get your YOUnique bra now, get it for yourself or get it for your partner as well! Both of you can look sexy while staying comfy together (even in this awesome stuffy summer weather)!!

If you love this so much you want to wear it during the winter (at home of course!), we do offer a Comfy Combo on our website where the Ribbed Knit Fabric is replaced with Fleece Fabric! Why fleece? Check out this post: http://www.shopghwc.com/single-post/2017/02/09/Do-you-know-1

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