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Do you know...? #6

Theres 5 simple things you can do to lead a sustainable life. You might wonder why we should live that way? Let me show you how it is not only about saving your money, but even a little bit of that lifestyle might help save planet earth!

Lets take a look on how even the tiniest little thing can make a difference:

1. Reduce household energy use:

Did you know that most of the energy we use on a day-to-day basis is from burning coal? Yes, that's what happen in Wisconsin. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, coal dominates the electricity generation in Wisconsin as it provides 52% of the state's net electricity generation. Isnt that CRAZY?!

Imagine how everytime you leave the lights on in your home, you are indirectly burning coals for that! And, eventually our earth will run out of coal if you keep digging new ones from the earth.


It probably only takes you 10 minutes to cancel unnecessary physical mails, you can offer your email instead!! In that 10 minutes, you could save about 69 lbs of junk mail sent to your home each year!! Just a few clicks on your computer or call the company up! You can definitely make a difference on the amount of trash created! It takes an average of 24 trees to produce one ton of paper, so think about that when you look at those annoying JUNK MAILS!! Here's a website that teaches you how to stop junk mails: http://www.sustainablebabysteps.com/stop-receiving-junk-mail.html


If you really need a bag, pick the paper one! At least paper degrades faster, cuhs plastic takes about about 1000 years to decompose completely! BUT, honestly, just bring your bag out when you do groceries, in fact I BRING MY LUGGAGE out! I know it looks dumb, but it saves you a ton of energy trying to carry it bag home, luggage has WHEELS **wink wink** If you really need to segregate the items, bring your plastic bags that you have at home, I AM SURE you have a ton of bags laying somewhere~~

Take a look at this short video here, if this does not give you a good enough to remind you about recycling and the usage of plastic bags, I don't know what will:

4. Eat Local, Organic Food

I know how easily accessible food is right now, you can buy it from Online Stores and have it ship to your house in just a few days. But all these qualities are actually MISLEADING. Most of our meals come from a minimum of 1500 miles away, some food may have even traveled around the world just to reach you. Hence, to you know how much energy you would save from the transportation if you buy food from local vendors?

Whats the best thing about local vendors, they do not use pesticides and herbicides which really helps save the environment because all this chemicals are the ones who cause farmers and their family to face sickness or deformities. Whats worse is the chemicals flowing into our rivers and water supply, causing is to absorb the chemicals back in through our water and food intake! Isn't that insane?! Buying locally not only helps conserve energy, but it also helps keep you healthy in a long term!

5. Eat less meat

Meat production is an environmentally destructive process because it is responsible for massive amounts of water use, pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. According to Biological Diversity, you have 3 chance a day to impove the health of the planet by reducing your meat consumption.

Lets see, to make 1 Beef Patty, you need 1799 gallons of water which is used grow the gains and grasses that are fed to the cows. What about the amount of water cows need to drink on a day to day basis. And think of it in the scale of taking care of a baby cow to a mature cow, How much water did you use to help the cows grow up, to turn it into your BEEF PATTY?!! The amount of water used to raise all this animals for your daily consumption is the very reason why California is facing drought.

So start making small changes in your life, you never now how small actions such as turning the lights off, reducing plastic usage, stopping junk mails, and maybe even consuming lesser meat products could possibly save a little part of the earth's resources.

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