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Lava Essentials

If you are in love with essential oils, you cannot miss our lava accessories from Lava Essentials <-- check out their Instagram!

Why we promote lava accessories is because, not only do they come in a one of a kind exclusive design, they also hold essential oils in so you don't need to spray perfume on your body.

What better way to wear natural cologne or perfume than to wear it on your accessories??!

Essential oils are more than just a type of perfume or cologne that acts as a stimulant, it is also commonly known for its aromatherapy purposes. This is because our sense of smell is closely tied to our brain's emotions, memories and stress-responses. They are usually extracted from plants, hence, each flavor has its own enhancement. So follow Lava Essential's Instagram to find out more about it:



drop by 507 State Street!

We sell them in store as well ;D

Lava beads are lightweight compared to lockets or clay pendants that holds essential oil as well. If you don't like essential oil, it is a great minimalist jewelry that you can match with any clothes you have! Their classic design will never go out of style!

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