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Deluxe Drape Cardigan

Wonder whether you've met out Deluxe Drape Cardigan, I understand that it is not the right season to look at FLEECE right now. BUT there is always winter to prepare for and right now, we have sales on some of our Blue Aztec Drape Cardigan in store! Its 50% off, so if you don't grab it now, say goodbye to the most terrific deal!!

Lets be real, this is a fashionable way of getting away with wearing a scrumptious fleece blanket, all day long! Talk about functional fashion!

Wear your blanket out all day long, without having people figure out because of the design! It is 5-6' width, and 3' long. What gets the job done warm if not for the undercover all-day blankie slash fashionable cardigan??

It is fabulous for office wear to outdoor frolicking!

Slip your fingers into our awesome sleeves that has an attached hand warmers design! ;D

Visit gHwc on State Street now before our MOVING SALE ends!!

I know, you love to bring your blankie out to work with you, staph lying!! ;) gHwc has found a way to help you get away with that!

Fill free to order it online if you cannot come to our physical store, though, you will miss the awesome discount IN-STORE :P


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