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Flow Dress

Working in gHwc means that you may always find some new functions that you may not have know of for most of the garments. I think I missed out our beautiful, comfy flow dress when making specific posts about functional fashion and convertible clothings!


When you first look at the flow dress, it might seem like a simple style, but with an addition of a belt, you might change the look of it!

Out flow dress offers grand movement and comfort from day to night. You can adjust the neckline to enjoy various fit and styling. The tie is soft, 100% cotton.


Show off your back with a unique bra while staying snug in your dress.


The bottom is slightly angled, as so back sweeps lower than the front. Also, the specialty stretch fabric is lightweight, and very soft to the touch.


With the flow dress, you can move around easily with no movement restrains. It is very airy and breathable, offers a barely there but fully covered feeling.

It comes in all of our fabrics, but the most recommended fabrics would be our Spandex and of course the new Ribbed Knit Fabric!!

Shop now online or in store:


The best part? Is that it would be the most comfy dress for you in the future! HAHA Isn't that a great additional function? ;P You can wear a fancy, modern dress during maternity, isn't that great?!

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