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Hey there!! SUMMER IS HERE, this means that you should start preparing for all the AWESOME FESTIVALS that are right around the corner!

Who better to look for then gHwc when it comes to Festival Fashion?!! We bring colorful and versatile clothes to your closet! Just look out our lovely #1 Avant Crop Top:

Don't you need an Open Back crop top that allows you to walk around without a bra and still have full coverage over your boobs during the event? Our Nepalese fabric offers a stylish look with optimum thickness to make sure you can go all day without your bra! There's also a hood that you can use to cover your face when the sun gets too overbearing!!

If you are not a big fan of colors, we also offer the Avant in our Cotton and Ribbed Knit Fabric! Plain colors like Black, Oatmeal White, Teal, Olive and Red! Don't miss it!! ;DD

If you or your partner is looking for something to cover your face, we also have a #2 Headband that works as a #3 Neck Gaiter so you can cover your face when it gets too dusty!

Get your festival gears in store right now: 507 State Street because it is 15% off!!!

Visit us now for our HUGE MOVING SALE!!

Another necessity you may need during the festive events are our #4 Stash Bags! Tie it around your hand while to keep all your belongings safe!

These stashbags are layered with fleece inside, providing cushion to keep your items safe. Whether it is glassware, bifocals, wallet necessities, smoking accessories, daily essentials etc. just stash it in and you'll be on your way to the awesome festive events!!

#5 Flow Pants! Our Flow Pants are very breathable and comfy, comes in plain cotton or colorful spandex fabrics that has either a Galaxy, Peacock or Paisley print!! :D A great airy and colorful design for festive events!

Get your lace Flow Pants or Palazzo Pants IN STORE NOW because I don't think they are available for online orders anymore D;

#6 CD , the crop top to dress conversion! A great outfit for night and day! Wear it as a crop top during the day and convert it into a sexy dress at night!!

Very breathable due to our open back design, comes in most of our fabrics that are airy and comfy: Ribbed Knit, Cotton (in store while stock lasts), Spandex!

#7 Movenza Halter a great festival crop top that has a snug, double tie fit. It hugs below the breast thanks to the tie--synch back. You would feel less exposed as it gives full cleavage coverage. Wear it without a bra, thanks to the awesome Nepalese fabric that is slightly thicker than cotton.

Get it in a shorter bralette design in store!

Also, our #8 bliss dress right here that could be worn as a tube dress or a cowl dress.

The spandex fabric definitely adds on the the festive look, layer it with your beautiful bralettes or wear it as it is for a nice open back, airy feel!

Yes this is how you convert our bliss dress into a tube dress!

Start shopping for your awesome festive clothings now! Come in store for an awesome 15% off, or feel free to shop online, I am sure there is some secret sale going on somewhere, just LOOK CLOSELY!!

Have a great awesome SUMMER!!

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