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Stash Bags

Bet you are still behind on our Nepalese Stash Bags even though it was out 2 months ago in our store!!

These Pipe Bags or Stash Bags are Lined with Fleece, ready made with a drawstring that ties over your wrist, a great little pouch for going out on a stroll or for going to Festive Events! :) You could stash glassware, bifocals, wallet necessities, smoking accessories, daily essentials etc. YOU NAME IT!! The lined fleece layer is great for cushioning your items, keeping it safe ;)

Pick your Fleece Lining, Black or Gray, both colors goes well with all of our Nepalese Fabrics! The whole bag is 5" Wide and 7" Long, just the right size to keep all your necessities in! ;D

Check out the soft cushion lining on the picture above! That's exactly how great our stash bags are, because they are not your common thin layered stash bags that does no good protection!

We also have it in full fleece if you enjoy double layer of cushioning, but this would only be available in store ;3 Yup, unique stuff are only available in-store, so drop by!! The STOREWIDE 15% OFFER is still ON!! ;DD *winkk*

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