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Tired of sweating underneath with that stuffy leggings or sweaty socks?! Take a look at Breezi's awesome creation - The Legwarmers!!

Wear them high with short garments like a skirt or even a panty, it will keep you cosy but not too warm! :)

Wear it gathered or bunched around your calf! Adds some style and keeps you warm from the harsh cold weather!

Our legwarmers have a natural stretch to it; it is 30" thigh high length with a thicker upper cover stitch. It is also moisture-wicking if you get it in our fleece fabric. It is very breathable and lightweight, great for walking around campus, strutting to catch a drink or other outdoor adventures! It is a warm active wear addition, a great outfit upgrade & YOUnique style ;D

Comes in:

Plain or Aztec Fleece and out very new Ribbed Knit Fabric! Click the photo for the link! ;D

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