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Maxi Skirt or Tube Dress?

Versatile clothing is the best clothing!! The maxi skirt features a convertible fit with adjustable length to boot!

The upper fold over is double-sided, offering full tummy and/or breast coverage when unfolded. Folded waist lets you control length, fit and style.

The Maxi is done in a straight-lined cut to accentuate your feminine curves!

The upgraded version has a slit that is tasteful, functional and is exceptional for comfort, style and movement. You can turn to manipulate slit area that provides an airy feel.

As you can see, it converts! You can wear it as a maxi skirt or a maxi dress. The length is adjustable thanks to the fold over waist that I was mentioning about. This modest & sexy look allows you to wear it from a beach to an evening occasions! It is also helpful when you need to change your clothes in a public area like the beach!

Enjoy multiple outfits throughout one day with our Maxi Skirt, provided in:




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