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Do you know...? #4

Why gHwc does not line their panties?!

1. All Fabrics (in General)

- For high breathability

- Extra lining adds BULK

- Women don't like washing that extra bit of fabric cuhsss


2. Spandex

- Wore as both a panties and a swimsuit

- Cotton lining would not make the swimsuit functional

- Nice and soft to the skin, not suitable to be layered

3. Ribbed Knit

- Amazing touch to the skin

- Soft, Lightweight and VERY BREATHABLE

- Good warm weather fabric, you feel like you are not wearing ANYTHING!

4. Fleece

- Hydrophobic, hold less than 1% of its weight in water

- Hypoallergenic, kills bacteria and inhibits microorganism growth


- Odor resistant, not affected by salt water

- Dries quick

- Retains shape well

- Very lightweight fleece, thin, ultra soft

You do not need any extra fabric lined on all these AMAZING fabrics! They are all functional & comfortable in their own way!! ;D

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