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B-Fly Halter

Our ButterFly Halter can be worn loosely or tightly, cotton or spandex, let your entire body jump, jive and move oh move in this exquisite, cozy snug halter top!

Featuring an upper neck and waist tie for a versatile fit.

Tie the waist knot loosely behind, you will get a casual tank top look (top left), but when you tie it at your waist tightly (top right), you will get a sexy crop top look!

This is how you tie it loosely at the back.

You could also adjust how low you would like the front to be, make it a deep-V (bottom) for a sexy night out or wear it more casually during daytime by tying it higher!

This top could also be worn as a tube top just like our bliss dress, thanks to the awesome cowl-neck front (picture coming soon)!

You could also tie it differently (bottom) to illustrate a different design.

Simply just by reading this post right here, you can see that this garment has almost 4-5 ways of wearing it!! I have not even start mentioning about the fact that you could layer it with bralettes too!

Are you SURPRISED?!! Don't be, just start reading our future post.


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