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Starting today, we are doing in depth posts about each an every convertible clothing that we have in gHwc. I know, it is A LOT!! But just stay tune to our new tag: #convertibleclothing bcuhs I will be sharing all the secrets as to how you could wear'em ;)

Today, we are going to look at the Bliss Dress, cotton or spandex, the stretch supports your curves!

Featuring a versatile tie upper, cascading cowl neck line, and dainty angled shaft lower back, we give you this sexy badass, festival romp, dance floor boogie, lunch and dinner date always, hit those sidewalks and sashay away!

AND, I bet you did not know that this beautiful cowl neck dress could convert into a tube top dress!!!

On top of that, you could layer some beautiful bralettes underneath to show off the beautiful straps!

You could also adjust the knot at your neck to show off your boobies or bralettes at the front!! The tie allows for optimum adjustment and options to shift appeal! Also, our gorgeous waterfall cowl chest line compliments with its lower angled skirt hemline! It is breathable thanks to the open back. It is ultimately fashion trending with a sexy fit!

Wear it your way cuhs it is definitely MULTIPLE WAY! ;D

It's functional. It's sexy, It's so comfy, and perfect. It's the Bliss Dress!

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