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Let the Hoops floww~

Starting tomorrow, when you pass by gHwc, look out for some hoops! The weather is great for outdoors again, with Breezi's active nature that promotes community activities, we have placed a bunch of hoops outside so people could start hooping right up front in the beautiful weather!! \o/

Breezi usually brings these hoop to local events where she would hoop with kids. Do you know why she does it? It is because creative activities like this is actually very beneficial for a persons development in terms of their mind, body and soul! Through movement, you become better at connecting your visceral emotional processing to conscious actions. You will eventually learn to think before you react more often and on a deeper level.

Our motor activities are quick thought processes that set goals, analyze variables, predict outcomes, and execute movements. Pulling this skill off requires widespread connections to all sensory areas, using many parts of your brain at once, creating a great, wholesome connection - The Mind-Body Connection, a connection that gets your whole entire being engaged.

Hooping is more than just circulating a hoop around your hips. Hooping is a term used by hoop dancers, is an expansive flow art form that incorporates every inch of your body. Arms, head, feet, chest, back part of your hands, and nose are clearly just a few body parts, and of which can be grandly used in the creative moment, flow and mega beneficial! ;D

Your mind and body would surely gain massive benefits from having fun and dancing in circles, so come-on, lets cheerily flow on at 507 State St!!

So, here are our beautiful hoops, we even labelled all of them with their respective sizes, so do come an try them out as you hoop outside! We also lablled it with our logo and some eye catching connectors. Remember not to bring our hoops home because we would certainly recognize them from a mile away!

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