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Naked Lady Party TONIGHT!

Hi there, if you have not already heard about our Naked Lady Party event that is happening tonight, please check out our event page:


This also means that you should start following our page cuhs you do not want to miss out on any awesome events like the Naked Lady Party, a free clothing swap event that is done on the 3rd week, every beginning of a season.

Clothing swaps are done to promote textile recycling in a unique way where people bring their unwanted clothes to gHwc put it in a pile and then start digging in for other clothes that people bring in! Honestly, you never know what treasures you would find! So lets start handing off our wardrobe past to someone new!!

Whats the best part about all of it? You actually get to bring your own drinks!! So ladies, start packing up your clothes and wine, head over to gHwc on 507 State St. We start at 6:30pm, BUT at 7pm SHARP we would be able to start digging in for new wardrobe treasures!! ;D Drop by, you won't regret it because it is a FREE swap and all the leftover clothes will be donated!

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