Accessible [Wearable] Art

Yep, I'm finally bringing it up. And nope, it won't be the last time.

To say the prices of this apparel is HIGH/too expensive astounds me.


Apparel that is #handmade, #zerowaste, #sustainablymade, #greenpowered, #madeinamerica, #sweatshopfree should COST MORE THAN THIS. But hey, I'm not into making art - #functionalfashion - to fulfill my wallet. I'm in it to fulfill myself as well as the wardrobe needs of others. This apparel is 100% thoughtful from conception to creation.

When you compare this clothing to lululemon, pink, urban,'re squashing my art, making inappropriate associations, and intensely not realizing the amazing differences. We are so brainwashed to buy for an arbitrary label, we rarely question the incredible impact that apparel production is negatively putting forth on YOUR home - Mother Earth. Manufactured apparel that most people love so dear is not only detrimental to the environment, but the chemicals wreak havoc on your body, low wages impact dozens of economies, etc ETC! And who the hell are all these massive profits going toward!? Manufactured apparel typically costs a dumb price higher than #gHwc AND isn't handmade and/or eco friendly.

AND LETS TALK ECO FRIENDLY especially in regards to accessible (realistic) pricing. "#recycledfabric" is bullshit, for the most part. I'm seeing clothing companies do what food corporations have been 👉🏼 for example, lululemon now offers "eco friendly" stuff via a "sister company." It's not. How that fabric is recreated, in China and such, is producing an outrageous amount of chemicals. Creating pseudo brands that are "natural" is a growing trick in the marketing world. Just as food, I believe you should know where your clothing comes least.

Sew, not only is this clothing #conscious & #ecofriendly but it is also not price-jacked whatsoever. These prices display real life American made by hands manufacturing AND we are doing worlds more than most companies that have loads of profit.

You can learn an incredible more about what I/gHwc does via the link in bio. And after exploring the web pages, hollah with any questions via email or social media!

Be an informed buyer!

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