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Truth behind Pricing


Breezi's Instagram post on pricing really struck me hard. Honestly, I bet this is not the first time you have heard about whether to support local and handmade goods, or the reason behind why the items are possibly priced so high.

Honestly, we are focusing on the price so much that we tend to forget the process each and every clothing needs to go through. And when you pay less, you are indirectly encouraging the manufacturers to produce it in a low cost and unconscious way. This is when they start cutting down and side stepping by outsourcing their clothes to countries that are not developed so that they get a cheaper price.

So dear readers, TODAY, I want you to know,

For every small investment you make

you could make a difference in the world.

This is because you are VOTING with YOUR DOLLARS everyday. For everytime you purchase something, you are indirectly saying "I SUPPORT THIS!" And if your dollars went to an unhealthy manufacturing company, what happens is, you are indirectly supporting their way of making clothes! If these clothes could be dirt cheap, how much are the labors behind earning? How much is the company spending on safety measures for their employees and for the chemical wastage?

From spending lesser money on safety facilities to employing cheaper labor (i.e. children). From not providing facilities to properly filter the waste to allowing all the waste chemicals to go out into the river > soil > plants > human consume the plants and water as food and drinks > severe sickness and deformities in their children.

Everytime this question pops up:

"Why are these clothes so expensive?!"

Promise me, you will look at their lables before saying "IT IS EXPENSIVE!" because you will see:






Think about all these words thoroughly, because you are supporting a company that is:

1. Using their own hands to make clothes.

2. Not employing cheap labor.

3. Not renting cheap facilities that lack safety measures to make these clothes.

4. Not utilizing facilities that do not care about their chemical emissions into our environment and cause others their lives.

Make your purchases wisely,

your choice makes a difference to a million of lives out there!

Without DEMAND there is no SUPPLY,

check your labels before buying!

Say NO to:


(XXX: China, Cambodia, Vietnam, India etc.)

Trust me, you get what you pay for, when you pay for goods that are priced wisely, you get an item that is made wisely.

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