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Sexayy Deep V

Theres a new top in town ;) Have you met our Deep-V Halter?! I remember mentioning about how you can pair Deep-V clothes with our comfy urban bralettes, but I guess I did not share the details about how awesome this cutting is

Not only does it work well with unique bras, you could also wear it without layering it just like the image below:

The best part is the Open Back concept that we always have in our clothes that DOUBLES THE SEXY!! :DD

You could also knot up the back tie if you want to adjust how Deep the "V" goes or you want more breast coverage.

VOILA!! Here you go, the amazing DEEP-V HALTER! Great for daytime adventures and ultimate nightlife fun ;)

Comes in two type of fabrics:



P/S:// Just gonna tell you a secret here..shhhs!!

We might be having a special fabric that you have all seen before in the past AND it will only be available for our Deep-V Halters!! ;P

Here it is! Did you miss our teal strips?? ;DD Its back, only available for the Deep-V Halter!

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