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Bralette UPDATE

If you have not meet Breezi, she is a really awesome designer and employer that actually puts the effort to get feedback from customers or employees on her designs or prospective products. AND she will make an update on the clothings every now and then (especially for her new designs) according to the valuable feedbacks. So if you have any ideas or suggestions, feel free to let her know :) Your awesome input might be placed into consideration whenever she does an upgrade!

Lets take a look on her sexy, comfortable Urban Bralette Design!

The new design now has a cover stitch at the bottom, and a beautiful nice V-shaped neckline!! ;P Definitely a great update on the already SEXAYY Bralettes!

The bralettes are great for layering, you can wear deep-V clothes over it or a open-back top cuhs, the Bralette has a nice, sexy opening in the front and back (check out the pictures below)

You can definitely match it up with our underwears too! Just customize your order and pick out your choice of cotton or spandex!! \o/

This is how the back looks like. Now, you don't need to worry about having an open-back or bare-back shirt!!! \o/ ***this design is like heavennnnnn**

Speaking about upgrades, Breezi has just revamped our retail floor!! So stop by and check us out at 507 State Street. I promise you that you will definitely find some new, interesting and functional things that you can buy back home <3

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