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You've always been seeing us in so many colors, its time that we add a new addition to the color palette!! A color that is commonly said to be not-a-color, say Hi to the White Thermal Knit Fabrics that we are going to have in our store pretty soon!! Are you excited??

I am pretty excited!! Especially when I know for sure that I'll get tan over Late Spring and Summer when the sun starts coming out. Tan Skin just goes so well with white clothes, it brings out the "Sexy Tan" look. If you're not planning to get tan, no worries, cuhs WHITE never goes wrong with ANYTHING!! \o/

See how white just goes well with anything? Told ya!! Of course that is not our new design, but if you are really that curious about our future collection, stay tuned! **Whispers: Maybe I might give you some insights.**

Doggie, why are you lookin' at me like that?? o.o Yeah, I know, I know, you're slightly white, with some patches there.. So, you're tryna say that you go well with anything and everyone? ;P such a vain & cute doggie~ <3

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