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Functional Fashion

This is what gHwc is all about. It is not just about wearing something stunningly beautiful, but it is about wearing clothes that are functional. How are Breezi's clothes functional? Take a look down here:

This is the CC Top - Crop Top & Cowl Neck Top

Basically, this is the same top that converts into a different look.

And of course, there is our Cowl Shrug that you can wear BOTH SIDES, worn as a shrug, poncho, hood, shawl and scarf, you name it! 4-in-1!

Our Maxi Skirt that also acts as a dress is quite amazing too! Check it out:

Then, theres the CD Top - Crop Top & Dress

The most amazing part is not the fact that in converts into a dress but it is also the fact that you can wear the crop top as a hood or as a cowl neck top!! So its technically 3-in-1?!!

Why Breezi promotes functional clothing instead of just normal clothes? It is because our generation is too caught up in having LOTSA clothes, they just want to own everything. So Breezi decided to save the earth by making every one of her clothes wearable in more than one way, so you kinda own "A LOT" of clothes when you just purchase one clothing? :)

If you have time, look up this movie and watch it. It is about how fast fashion is killing the economy and the earth. Just because of our unconscious consumption of clothing, we are indirectly conforming to a huge current issue that is still not known to many.

This is why we should support locals and handmade clothing because it definitely reduces environmental issues. And this is why I was first inspired by Breezi and her clothing line that always has more than one function and her store that is green-powered! Save the earth now by consuming the right way!

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