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"Hug" your baby 24/7

Ever felt sore after carrying you baby for hours? And the moment you want to let them down, they just keep crying? With our baby wrap, you could bring your baby around anywhere you go without getting your arms tied up or sore.

How do you do that? You probably have not met our portable, easy to tie, baby wrap! Comes in all our woven fabric from Kathmandu, Nepal ;)

Our Wooven Wraps comes in 2 ways, 1 for Infant and 1 for Toddler. It wraps around your body really well and provides .you with a YOUnique experience because your baby would feel like it is constantly being hugged or healf when honestly, it is not even your hands that is doing the hugging or holding.

The best part is that it could be opened up, used and kept back easily because it is just a long piece of cloth with a tag that marks the middle, where you begin your wrapping.

So here is how it looks after wrapping the baby around your body, you might want to check out some YouTube videos on how to wrap your baby because when you acquire this skill, your baby can finally snuggle comfortably in your warmth while you carry out all your daily activities. In addition to that, if you must know, the fact that you are walking around with your baby acts as a great cradle for your baby to sleep in.

Babies like to sleep in a moving, hugging pouch, so get your baby wrap now and let them snuggle while you get busy :D

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