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Our Sexayy Bralettes are UP!!

Hey guys, if you have not noticed, there's a new addition to our Happy World Clothing website!! These sexayy bralettes are now up for sale, not only in store but on our website as well!! \o/

These bralettes are part of our Spring Collection, YES guys, spring is coming, get your clothes now and be prepared to show off all your sexy and sassy bodies ;D These bralettes not only hold your breasts just right but they also offer an adjustable fit all around through the neck and back knots. They are perfect for layering or it can also be worn just like a bikini top.

Whats the best part about it?

It comes with all our cotton and spandex fabrics, so now you can mix and match them with our underwears, flow pants, palasso and many other tops as well.

Can you see yourself wearing these sexy bralettes with our maxi skirt? ;) Its spring guys!! Time to start getting sexy again ;P

No more thick winter coats and thick layered clothing. Start wearing our awesome Avant Crop Tops or the Movenza Halter (like the image on top), or just get out there in our new SEXAYY BRALETTES!! Our bralettes also come in spandex fabrics as I have mentioned above, like these ones here:

Can you imagine wearing gHwc's spandex bralettes and underwear?!! The spandex fabrics could also be a good substitute for swim wears ;DD So start getting creative! Mix and match your clothing with gHwc :DD

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