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Do you know...? #3

gHwc blend Essential Oils and water as a substitute to soap based cleaners to be used for general cleaning purposes which helps reduce the usage of chemically manufactured product.

But what I really want to go into today, is why gHwc actually promotes the usage of essential oils, diffusers and accessories that can be used with it?

To begin with, essential oils can be more than just a type of perfume or cologne that acts as a stimulant, it is also commonly known for its aromatherapy purposes. This is because our sense of smell is closely tied to our brain's emotions, memories and stress-responses.

These essential oils are mostly extracted from plants, hence, each an every flavor has its own way of enhancement. For example, the Wild Orange flavor is used widely in our store for cleaning and for aromatic purposes because it helps cleanse and purify surfaces, therefore we add it to our spray bottles that are used for cleaning.

Besides that, the Wild Orange flavor may also assist in boosting and energizing you; we use it in the store by adding a few drops into our oil diffusers to uplift our mind and body. I will not go into every single flavor but there are flavors like Lavender that are commonly used on pillows or beddings to help enhance sleep. There are also flavors like Eucalyptus that you can add into your shower to promote vitality. Some Essential Oils could also be taken internally applied on your body externally provided that you do not have sensitive skin. Do consult your physician before hand :)

Anyway, there are many more interesting essential oils that may interest you, read them up! You can also find more info about it on our webpage, so go take a look!


We also sell these really pretty lockets where you can put colorful pads in. So, now you can bring your aroma with you wherever you go ;D you don't even need to apply it to your skin (if you have sensitive skin), cause we have these awesome lockets that locks in the smell, and all you need to do is refill or replace the pads as needed.

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