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Do you know...? #2

Besides being a zero waste production company, gHwc is also 100% Green Powered, how is that possible?

gHwc is actually locally powered by green energy thanks to Ethos that provides electricity through their Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). You might be wondering how it works, since we are not in the position of installing a solar panel or a wind energy turbine. But, this was why the RECs were created, where all the local people collects renewable energy from various forms of generators and sell it as RECs.

This happens by turning every one megawatt-hour energy collected from either solar or wind generators from the mid-west into a Renewable Energy Certificate. This amount is as much as a month worth of electricity for a normal household.

To put it to simpler terms:

Renewable Energy is generated


Collected and sold in the form of RECs


RECs are Purchased by consumers like gHwc


More Renewable Energy is created from the money we paid


More Renewable Energy is sent out for everyone's daily usage

(which includes gHwc)

This means that gHwc is not only functioning under renewable energy but gHwc is also supporting the people that generates these renewable energy to produce more for the society, which includes everyone of you out there that uses electricity on a daily basis.

Therefore, lets all start making small changes by purchasing renewable energy, your purchase can be as small as $6 per month to $12 a month, depending on the amount of electricity your house is using!

For more info, check out the video and link below:


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