Cowl Shrug Love

Cowl Shrug

The Cowl Shrug has become a 4-season sensation across the nation.

Cowl Shrugs and Cowl Hoods are offered in various sizes, color options, and a large selection of ever-changing fabrics.

Customize your Cowl Shrug for YOUnique wardrobe perfection.


You can wear the Cowl Shrug / Cowl Hood as a Poncho, Shoulder Shrug, Hood, Mask, Scarf, crazy comfy cozy neck goodness..

The Cowl Shrug differs from the Cowl Hood because of the width - the Cowl Hood is a slightly smaller version of the Cowl Shrug, with a smaller width.

For example, the Cowl Shrug is most likely able to be worn as a Poncho/Full Shoulder Shrug whereas the Cowl Hood is smaller and will most likely not fit over both shoulders. The Cowl Hood may mildly drape over one shoulder.

Growl Cowls and other alternative size options are now available for children, dogs, and cats to enjoy wearing a cowl shrug. You may purchase a custom sized cowl shrug via the website at this time - Etsy purchasing options are slightly limited compared to the bursting selection the website offers.


Fleece is great for summer nights, festival ventures, outdoor treks, campus walks, strutting to social nightlife hotspots, and maintaining warmth while staying dry. Fleece selection changes every winter season.

Nepalese woven cotton is 100% cotton fibers from Kathmandu, Nepal. Incredibly unique nepalese tribal print designs change every 3-5 months thanks to customer demand. Nepalese is great all year round, and offers shade while allowing you to breathe; woven cotton is a functional fashion dream come true.

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