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The SUN is UP!! And the FASHION SHOW is coming up THIS FRIDAY!! *SHOUTSS* It is definitely a great time to do some modelling outdoors. Gotta practice your moves babe! ;P

Thanks to Breezi for such an awesome opportunity today, Mel and I got to showcase her beautiful COWL SHRUGSS!!!

Some insights to showcasing Breezi's Designs?

" It's great to be a part of Breezi's creations; to model for all her cool new designs because they are all some REALLY UNIQUE DESIGNS and you can wear some of them MULTIPLE WAYS too!! It is not only FASHIONABLE but FUNCTIONAL. We will be posting more photos of how you can wear 'em soon, STAY TUNED on our Instagram pages (linked below)! " - Me

" Breezi's design just brings you out of your comfort zone; just knowing how to match up all these amazing colorful fabric that are full of patterns and just knowing that whenever you wear one of her designs out, weather its a long dress, a top, a bottom or an accessory like the COWL SHRUG, you just get ALL THESE GLANCES right back at you. Trust me I've been wearing it to school for the past ONE WEEK and all I've been getting is compliments and glances cause all her fabric are just really COLORFUL & EYE CATCHING! " - XY

So come out this Friday if you wanna see all these clothes showcased LIVE in the STORE!!

Fashion Show @ gHwc

Feb 24th, 7-9pm

507 State St.

DJs l Live Art l HoopDemo

After Party @ Tarvenkaya

If you have not seen our pages that comes in 5 different platform, I am going to link them right here, so you can start keeping yourself updated with all our latest promotions ;D

Hoop & Supplies: @gnarhoops

Apparel: @happyworldclothing

Daily shop life: @shop.ghwc

Owner/Creator: @breezi_ghwc

Assistant in Training: @assistant.diaries

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