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Spring is dashin' in pretty SOON!!! And, in preparation for you guys that love the outdoors, here's our sexy active wear!!

whispers: *I mean if you're still afraid of the cold, we do have Long Sleeve Bralettes too!*

But, honestly, what you are really missing out on besides our bralettes are these cool cargo LEGGINGS that are great for outdoor activities. Plus, they carry some hidden GEMS that you would've probably overlooked!! *shiny eyes*

Look at THE amount of POCKETS we have on those leggings! You'll never find any leggings with THIS MANY pockets in most sports stores!

Right Side Pocket

Left Side Zipper Pocket

Back Waist Zipper Pocket

Inner Flush Stash Pocket

Besides it comes in 3 colors \o/

Get your pair of cargo leggings RIGHT NOW and say ADIOS to that inconvenient mini gym bag that you need to carry around while running! Cuhz ain't nobody got time for mini backpacks, sheesh!!

Best part? You could wear 'em to all your upcoming SUMMER CARNIVALS :D *pocKETSSS!!!*

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