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Do you know...? #1


HEY THEREE!! Starting from today, I would occasionally type a FUN FACT post titled: DO YOU KNOW...???? This is because over the past 2 weeks since I have been here, I have been learning A LOT! Mostly about how you could change a small little part of your lifestyle which could possibly be a huge influence to the environment.

So, today's DO YOU KNOW... is going to be about PADS!!

YESH, its a bit of a feminine post :P Sorry men readers, but this is gonna be a good educational post for you too, so don't stop reading here!

Firstly, what do you think about Fleece? Because everytime I think about them, the only word that pops up is WARM but ITCHY. But, fleece is totally NOT ABOUT THAT! Here, lets do a little research on some interesting and widely used fabrics that we have in the store: Fleece & Cotton.


- Contains Antimicrobial (An agent that DESTROYS microorganisms/PREVENTS their growth)

- Great ALTERNATIVE for wool allergies (softer as well)

- Contains the moisture


- Perfered for skin contact

- Absorbs moisture

This is why Breezi often use Fleece to make UNDIES! Besides keeping you warm, it helps reduce the growth of bacteria and fungus. In addition, it also helps prevent infections! :3 Anyway, lets not get too carried away with how awesome FLEECE is!


A new creation to help with your periods, allergies, infections, menopause etc. The front side that is in contact with your body is made of cotton which would absorb any liquid coming out; whereas the flip side is made out of our fancy FLEECE that prevents bacteria growth and help contain all the liquids in so it would not overflow out onto your undies! Of course, do beware if you want to wear it during heavy flow, you might want to keep a few with you so you could change it and wash 'em out!

On top of all of that, these pads helps REDUCE WASTAGE by reducing the usage of pads, tampons and other industrial items that people use during period! :) START SAVING THE EARTH GAISS <3

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