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V-Day Headache, NO MORE!

Valentines is here!! If you have no idea what to get for your other half, take a look at what we have at our store!! :)

Last week, we cut out some cute heart shape plushies from the scrap fabrics that we have. I bet most of you do not realise how the-making-of-clothes could cause A HUGE wastage of fabric. YUPP, when you wanna cut a pattern piece out with just the right size and shape, sometimes you forgo certain parts of the fabric and throw it away. A normal seamstress would probably treat them as trash BUT Breezi found a way too reuse those parts by cutting our heart shapes and stuffing them with its excess parts.

So come by and check out these cute little plushies that are not only a cute Valentines Day gift but it is also so much more meaningful because all the stuffing inside are recycled materials. Hence, you are doing the world a little favor whenever you purchase one of our little heart plushies <3 It is only $5 for the small ones and $8 for the bigger hearts! :)

Help yourself by saving the earth ANDD saving yourself from getting a headache this Valentines!! :**

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