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FROZEN bcuhz of YOU!


Did I make you feel bad? I'm sorry, but its true!! >:P

TODAY, we went around State Street to put up some flyers for our FASHION SHOW that is coming up on February. If you did not ALREADY notice our featured post up on the top right. CHECK THAT OUT because everyone on State Street seems to love it. Every time my colleague Melissa mentioned the word "Fashion Show" they would ask us more questions and offer us a space to place the flyers by the counter, which is SURPRISING! Usually most places I go to used to reject flyers, but most our fashion show flyers get a place right by the counters on State Street!! Its either the "fashion show" word was really intriguing or our swagg Melissa in her purple hair that got a ton of compliments while we were making our way around the streets?

Either ways, SOON, you will be able find our flyers in most of the shops on State Street! :D Stay tuned cause we went through the cold winter weather to place 'em there (our fingers almost DIED for YOU GUYS), so go get it whenever you pass by any shops on State Street and send it out to your friends!! :) You could also just drop by at gHWC yourself and watch Breezi hand make her clothes LIVE!! ;D


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