The Story of Gnar

I always wondered if any person knew where the name Gnar originated from. Not many have asked. But hey, you all seem to love it. Whelp, it derived from my best friend's Dj name- DJ Gnarizard. He passed away September 1st 2012. Gnar Hoops was created October 2012 as an ode to him. He was an exceptionally giving, kind, and open soul.

Evan was his name, and he deeply believed in me.

At the time of his passing I was teaching as a Child Developmental Specialist, after being offered the position while completing my AmeriCorps contract far too soon. I loved what I was doing, so I was there almost everyday. The offer? To fully create and run a dynamic program for at-risk children. The program was to focus on academics, emotional regulation, social emotional strengthening, competency, and individual behavioral growth. It was one helluva program you guys. I heavily, uniquely, and with much innovation created a classroom that taught 3-10 year olds, simultaneously. The catch- these kids were immensely aggressive and unregulated. I love a challenge, and that opportunity greatly offered one to me. In short, I departed changed, as were the children. Overall, my friends, and notably Evan (Gnarizard) consistently reminded me I was going to be the tiny gal to change the world. To save it.

I took up hooping as therapy. Never in my wildest years did I imagine to ever make one hoop. Ever. But then Evan passed away, and I remembered how much possibility he saw in me, and hoops. I was already teaching hoop classes to children around the city of Madison. Inspiration struck, and I went for it. Being the person that I am, I saw no utility in running a business based off of supplies from other shops. I went straight to work creating relationships with top secret, gnarly manufacturers. Thanks to how particular I am (a.k.a anal) you all really were digging my hoops from the get go. And Gnar started out as solely a uv polypro supplier..... with super dope tapes to soon follow. Holy hoop goddesses did the Iguana tape catch your eyes! Thank you all for diggin' what I dig. I'm not much of a fan to offer what I do not truly love to create- stoked to continually see delight in what I find delightful. Afterall, I hand create these gnarly products time and time again. They gotta be dope...or I might get bored seeing them so often *wink* And with a massive release of air, I feel this piece has explained what I hope you will embrace. It is hard to remind yourself of a great loss, but I am thankful for everything Evan has brought me while here on Earth, and beyond. You are one helluva gnarly dude, Evan, and I feel you all around me each day. Within my circles and beyond, you hold me tight and have never let me go. Gnar on!

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