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Heyyy, I'm XY.


I am new here! You will be seeing me A LOTT starting from today. I would apologize for that but I think you could get more insights from me since I am new here and I am pretty much excited about EVERYTHING!! :D

First off, I am Xin Yi, but my friends call me XY (xwhyy). I am a Textile & Fashion Design Student in UW-Madison which is definitely a dream come true for a young girl from Malaysia. Malaysia is a small little multicultural country in asia, where Fashion is not really valued as a career. That is the reason why I did not start off in designing. Back then, I had been doing designing on the side while pursuing my major in Finance.

With only a little amount of free time under that major, I would work on small little things like scrapbooking, seasonal cards, decorations and of course cutting out oversized clothes that I get from my elder brothers. You know those huge T-SHIRTS that you use as pajamas, you could actually turn 'em into some SEXY fashionable clothings by cutting a bunch of holes in it. YUPP, I am SERIOUS! You just wear a shirt that has a bunch of holes in it and people call it "sexy." HAHA, I am just playing around, but yea, search it up on Pinterest or Youtube! You could learn a bunch of techniques there. You don't need to have skills in sewing, or have a machine for it. Just do some CUTTING and TYING, mix and match the techniques and you're good to go! Easiest craft to do at home!

Eventually, I found my way to Fashion Designing which was my interest since I was a kid. As a student, I worked more towards recycled materials but they are a bit different from Breezi's because instead of using recycled fabrics, I get inspiration from things like paper art or unconventional materials like vinyl (plastic) and many more. I hope someday I would be able to create things out of recycled materials. As an example, I created a raincoat made from transparent vinyl for my project. Hopefully someday I might make more garments inspired from things that can be made from recycled materials. And by then, I hope I could inspire YOU to look at trash differently. ;)

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