All About Them Leg Warmers


Warm legs - you need em'.

Am I right, or am I right [and warm]?

Oh thy leg warmers, let me count the ways you rock any person's world, and wardrobe:

1) Adjustable Leg Length

Wear your leg warmers thigh high, scoot them to mid calf, or stylishly bunch your warmers for a boot cuff or trendy bunched-sock look. Thigh high leg warmers are perfect for outdoor ventures, without overheating your legs. Mid calf is always an outfit fav, and a stellar warm touch. Bunched leg warmers not only look cute and replicate a boot cuff, but offer you the option to pull up for warmth whenever needed, and drop low as soon as you get inside.


2) Versatile, Functional Fashion

Leg warmers get you where you need to go, warm and without sweat. ...nice.

Let's explore how great leg warmers are for your wardrobe via everyday life activities. Wear your leg warmers thigh high and then buch them low once you arrive to your destination:

- Walking campus for class session, coffee hangs, and library studying.

- Strutting through town, hopefully not waiting in a line, getting to your fav nightlife spot.

- Running your daily errands...and filling your gas tank in sub zero temps.

- Everyday yoga, dance, pole, hooping leg warmers.

- Outdoor adventures and hiking, biking/cycling top layer, base layer for snowboarding and cross country skiing, ice skating, etc!

- Walking your dog..or cat......

- Winter outdoor responsibilities, such as shoveling and snow removal.

- Festival layer, which helps wick moisture during damp festie months.


3) Amazing Fabric Selection

Fleece is a great fabric, all around. It really is. gHwc's fleece is stretchy, very lightweight, moisture wicking, anti-pill, and easy to re-use as to offer zero waste. Fleece fabric options for the legwarmer continue to grow. Solid fleece fabric options have just doubled, and exclusive aztec fleece designs have been locked in as semi-permanent for this winter season. Winter fashion never felt so good and warm!

Spandex cotton is a great year-round option. Cotton is 4 season friendly and lightweight. Soft to touch and stretching 4 ways, gHwc's 9 oz spandex baby cotton is 97% cotton and 3% spandex.

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