New Nepalese Fabric Options

gHwc's fabric options evolve every few months thanks to sustainable purchasing practices. December/January brought new, greater fabric options for Solid Fleece, Aztec Fleece, and Nepalese Woven Cotton.

Too stoked to create endless amounts of Cowl Shrug and Cowl Hoods of the new fleece and Nepalese for sew many of you.

Heavy conscious effort is put into fabric purchasing and this includes the types of prints & patterns. Unisex prints are the fabric directive nowadays - I want offer a dope selection of apparel and fabric that works for as many people as possible. You can thank a handful of local Madison fellas for selecting Nepalese prints #2 and #3. I love them....the prints, I mean.

Handmade clothing items created by gHwc in-house offer zero waste and are 100% green powered. Awesome handmade Happy World Clothing items are better known as your Perfect Pick. Shop Perfect Pick via apparel type or shop by fabric and explore a large selection of prints & types of fabric.

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