Panty Sizing


"How do determine the best fit for fleece panties?"


Fleece panties offer stretch such as most panties. The fleece stretches 'wide' and offers a 2-way stretch of at least +4 inches.

The waistband is the area of the panty that you want to be sure of fit- everything else should comfortably fall into place.

Waistbands sit between the widest part of your hip and your belly button. Check out panty photos on various models.

gHwc's Size Chart is mega simple and mega standard:

Use Measurements posted per Listing Item for exact item measurements*

XS Hip/Waist: 28" Breast: 27-28" Inseam: 28"

SM Hip/Waist: 30" Breast: 29-30" Inseam: 30"

M Hip/Waist: 32" Breast: 31-32" Inseam: 32"

L Hip/Waist: 34" Breast: 33-34" Inseam: 34"

XL Hip/Waist: 36" Breast: 35-36" Inseam: 36"

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