Naked Lady Party


NAKED LADY PARTY....for ladies only. Hosting a "Burrr It's Winter" swap, gHwc welcomes all the gals!

What is a Naked Lady Party? A free clothing swap for all females. Bring your unwanted clothes to gHwc, place in designated piles around 6:30pm, and at 7pm SHARP start digging for new wardrobe treasures! No limits, and all the fun. Who can go? Ladies, only. Why are we doing this!? To meet rad chicks! Enjoy stellar hangs with dope ladies! Drink wine! Get free clothes! Hand off our wardrobe past to some one new! gHwc has loads of apparel pieces to give away! Where do I strip? gHwc, located at 507 State St Is there a catch!? Nope! Entirely Free and Open to All Ladies. INVITE YOUR FRIENDS What do I bring? Unwanted clothing treasures Bag/Box *All 'leftover' wears will be donated*

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