Increased Shipment Times


As advertised, shipment times increase from November to about mid March. Order volume increases by at least 5x the amount gHwc enjoys the remainder of the year during this timeframe. Such increased order volume naturally increases creation time.

gHwc is proud to still be mainly powered by one seamstress, receiving part-time assistance when available. It's an exhausting yet fully rewarding approach. I love "drowning" in delicious apparel orders everyday - the challenge to continual improve production operations is invigorating. I love analyzing efforts to find the most efficient and effective approach. Humans can be the coolest machines, sometimes. I must say I am quite stoked to be training my first assistant, though.


I think what can be most exhausting, is not keeping up with order volume and the typical demands of a consumer. Rather, I find keeping up with my own expectations of what Zero Waste means, looks like, and feels for gHwc can be most depleting. I can be very hard on myself. And good on me for that. gHwc wouldn't be anywhere near as rad as it is if it wasn't for my intense sustainable desires.

..and our mail lady Claire wouldn't be drowning in packages.everyday.


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