1 Yr Anniversary | Fashion Show

gHwc is celebrating sustainable acheivements and 1 year on State St!


gHwc owner, Breezi Perdue, has been turning heads for 4 years creating handmade apparel, in America. A powerhouse of sorts, Breezi manages all aspects of this dual business, which has been thriving online since she was 23 and attending UW Madison. She’s delighted to be on State Street, enjoying the abundant exclamations, “now this is how I remember Madison!”


gHwc comprises of 2 sustainable business- Gnar Hoops & Happy World Clothing. In-house production is 100% zero waste and green powered. All fabric is re-used and scraps are free to the public, a popular practice. Tubing for hula hoops is manufactured in America, non-toxic, and crafted into professional grade hoops on State Street. Production in-house is viewable to the public during open hours. Gnar Hoops is a leading hoop distributor worldwide and Happy World Clothing is impacting the clothing world with functional fashion, made in America. What’s more? gHwc is the first dedicated flow-shop in the United States, offering custom hoops and apparel in-store and online.


You can get to know gHwc anytime online, through dynamic social media accounts and an info-packed website. Enjoy the full experience during open hours on State Street - made in America right before your eyes. Ask for a free hoop trick demo, touch all the fabrics, and have your ears tickled by sweet sounds of drills whirling and sewing machines chugging. gHwc will be amping up the vibes with a 1 Year Anniversary celebration, highlighting sustainable achievements through a Fashion Show and Open House event. Local DJs, artists, and hoop dancers will be featured. gHwc will be open regular hours day of event. The dynamic celebration kicks off at 7pm, February 24th at gHwc with afterparty featuring the Foshizzle Family at Tavernakaya. Put on your dancing shoes!

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