Very High Waisted Classic Short
  • Very High Waisted Classic Short

    Veryyyyyyy High Waisted Classic Fitting Bottoms

    Fit: One crotch seam - no seam splittting your bits. Front is cut as sew there is no crotch bunching; more like a classic fit swim bottom. Comfy 1.5" elastic band, which should properly press "right on that one spot" on the belly. Ladies, you know ;)
    Feel: Secure and comfortable. Fabric is very lightweight and can be great if layered.
    Fashion: Dope, cute, and they get the job done. Brilliant for movement artists or to add a rad highg waisted kick to your look. Tomboy dopeness when worn under joggers etc.
    Function: cover.the.waist.
    Fabric: Rib Knit

    Cover-stitched 1.5" high waist elastic band.

    -Care Instructions-

    Hand Wash, Air Dry, Love Forever.

    Production is Waste-Free & Green Powered
    Basically no scraps from this pattern. Huzzah!

    • Bottom Sizing

      Measurements are Before it's Stretched

      Check your Waist Band Measurement*

      You want a snug fit -> best to size match measurement 2" smaller than your actual waist measurement.

      24" Waistband
      ~14.5" Length

      26" Waistband
      ~15" Length

      28" Waistband
      ~15.5" Length

      30" Waistband
      ~16" Length

      32" Waistband
      ~16.5" Length


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