• UV Jellyfish Taped Hoop

    Phosphorescent Jellyfish Morphing Hula Hoop!

    Exquisite Blues to Vintage under water greens, highlighted with stunning yellow and coral tones.
    Lays light butter
    UV Reactive
    Underwater Application to Hula Hoops
    No hazy laminate overlay; heat can be applied
    Does not Glow

    ❊This is a Taped Hoop Listing

    Pending Trademark & Copyright
    • Details

      ► Sizes that Work ◀︎
      3/4": up to 37"
      5/8": Under 34"

      Hoop will be Push Buttoned

      ➔ Available as Tape Rolls, too
      7/8" Wide, Various Lengths
    Tubing Size
    Hoop Diameter
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