UV Bubble Pop Pink Taped Hoop
  • UV Bubble Pop Pink Taped Hoop

    Intense UV Bubble Pop Pink Rainbow Morphing Hula Hoop!

    Bubble Pop Pink offers an intensely brilliant effect of Pinks and Green/Golds with sharp Purple Highlights
    Lays light butter
    UV Reactive!
    Underwater to Hula Hoops
    No hazy laminate overlay; heat can be applied

    ❊This is a Taped Hoop Listing

    Pending Trademark & Copyright
    • Details

      ► Sizes that Work ◀︎
      3/4": up to 37"
      5/8": Under 34"

      Hoop will be Push Buttoned

      ➔ Available as Tape Rolls, too
      7/8" Wide, Various Lengths
    Tubing Size
    Hoop Diameter
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