Convertible Maxi Skirt Dress
  • Convertible Maxi Skirt Dress

    Your Ultimate Conversion Maxi!

    Featuring a versatile fit with adjustable length to boot.
    100% cotton tie for neck halter, hip fit, boho decor, etc.
    Upper fold over is double-sided, offering full tummy and/or breast coverage when unfolded.
    Folded waist lets you control length, fit, and style.
    Slit is tasteful, functional, and exceptional for comfort, style, and movement; wear any way.

    Fit: Converts! Wear as Maxi Skirt or Maxi Dress, with or without straps. Length adjusts thanks to Fold Over Waist. Turn to manipulate slit area.
    Feel: Modest & Sexy. Rib knit is very soft & lightweight.
    Airy feel thanks to slit. Cut is straight-lined to accentuate feminine curves.
    Fashion: Beach to Evening occasions.
    Function: Dress can help with changing in public, such as at the beach. Enjoy multiple outfits

    Rib Knit stripes will run vertical*

    Pattern is cut to create very minimal waste bits.
    All materials unable for use are recycled into yoga pillows.

    • Details

      -- The Fit (unstretched) --

      Waist: 26"
      Slit: 25"
      Skirt Length: 36"
      Fold Over Length: 6"

      Waist: 28"
      Slit: 26"
      Skirt Length: 38"
      Fold Over Length: 7"

      Waist: 30"
      Slit: 27"
      Skirt Length: 40"
      Fold Over Length: 8"

      Waist: 32"
      Slit: 28"
      Skirt Length: 42"
      Fold Over Length: 9"
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    Size + Fabric