Deco Tape Sheets
  • Deco Tape Sheets

    *Translucent Decorating Tape*


    Translucent Sherbert Pearl Morph Tape & Translucent Moon Rainbow Morph Tape

    Your Tape Features:
    1" Wide
    Easy to Lay
    Residue Free
    Morph-Vinyl Composite
    Peel Away Backing
    Great for Lure, Nails, Hoops


    Translucent rainbow color changing tape sheets are amazing for designing, decorating, and upgrading your favorite items. Have fun with color changing tape sheets by wrapping you bike with rainbow awesome colorful tape, enjoy daily journaling and scrapbooking with colorful tape decor, design your nails with rainbow colorful patterns by cutting the sheets to your size and shape, and brinng color changing effects to your daily objects and accessories such as morph tape decorating your laptop, rainbow tape wrapping your lighters and e smoking pens, decorate your makeup brushes, pencils, and pens. oooo la la!



    To Fully Tape a Hoop = 50' of Tape

    ❊This is a tape listing for various tape lengths and sheets

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