Tomboy Bralette
  • Tomboy Bralette

    Tomboy Bralette

    Fit: Full coverage. Comfy 1.5" elastic breast band.
    Feel: You feel naked, sorry not sorry. Secure and comfortable breast band paried with lightweight rib knit fabric.
    Fashion: Fuqing rad. Ready to layer. Tomboy to classy.
    Function: A full coverage crop with a sport bra hold.
    Fabric: Rib Knit

    Raw cut rib knit with vertical texture stripes.
    Full cover-stitched 1.5" breast band.

    -Care Instructions-

    Hand Wash, Air Dry, Love Forever.

    Production is Waste-Free & Green Powered
    All scraps are used for Yoga Pillows or created into Headbands

    • Sizing

      Measurements are Non-Stretched

      Check your Breast Band Measurement*

      28" Breast
      26" Band

      30" Chest
      28" Band

      32" Chest
      30" Band

      34" Chest
      32" Band

      36" Chest
      34" Band

      #FreeThe Nipple